Danube PM (M55120)

Danube PM (M55120)

from 1 732 $ to 2 560 $
The table you see below contains prices for the Louis Vuitton Danube PM in 9 countries. It will be convenient for you to find the appropriate info by filtering all the pricing data by setting the following filters: country and price. The table contains prices in various countries in the US dollar according to the current exchange rate. Once you want to know prices in the national currency of the specific country, look it up in the respective parentheses.

Compare Danube PM prices in official stores across countries

Country Price Official store
Danube PM (M55120) price in Asia/Pacific Region Asia/Pacific Region 2 065 $ (2 810 $) Go Shopping
Danube PM (M55120) price in Canada Canada 2 560 $ (2 560 $) Go Shopping
Danube PM (M55120) price in Hong Kong Hong Kong 2 194 $ (17 000 $) Go Shopping
Danube PM (M55120) price in Montenegro Montenegro 2 096 $ (7 700 AED) Go Shopping
Danube PM (M55120) price in United States United States 2 060 $ (2 060 $) Go Shopping
Danube PM (M55120) price in Brazil Brazil 1 732 $ (9 650 R$) Go Shopping
Danube PM (M55120) price in Japan Japan 2 220 $ (234 300 ¥) Go Shopping
Danube PM (M55120) price in South Korea South Korea 2 200 $ (2 530 000 ₩) Go Shopping
Danube PM (M55120) price in Taiwan (Province of China) Taiwan (Province of China) 2 382 $ (68 500 NT$) Go Shopping
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Louis Vuitton Danube PM description

The Danube PM is made from black Epi leather and signed with acid-green LV Initials for Fall 2019. Compact yet large enough for the essentials, it features an adjustable leather strap for over-the-shoulder wear. Detailed Features 11.0 x 17.0 x 4.0 cm (Length x Height x Width) Cowhide leather Cowhide-leather trim Textile lining Silver-color hardware Adjustable leather strap

Louis Vuitton Danube PM specification

Brand Louis Vuitton
Product Code M55120

Name in other languages

  • Asia/Pacific Region: Danube PM
  • Canada: Danube PM
  • Hong Kong: Danube PM
  • Montenegro: Danube PM
  • United States: Danube PM
  • Brazil: Danube PM
  • Japan: ダヌーヴ PM
  • South Korea: 다뉴브 PM
  • Taiwan (Province of China): Danube PM

Questions about Danube PM

In Brazil you can buy Louis Vuitton Danube PM M55120 as cheap as 1 732 $
In Canada Danube PM is the most expensive. The price is 2 560 $. You can compare Danube PM prices in different countries.
You can buy Danube PM at the best price. Compare Danube PM prices in different countries, choose the best price and go to the official store.
Danube PM prices in official stores vary depending on the country where you buy your products.
  • In Asia/Pacific Region Danube PM costs 2 810 $.
  • In Canada Danube PM costs 2 560 $.
  • In Hong Kong Danube PM costs 17 000 $.
  • In Montenegro Danube PM costs 7 700 AED.
  • In United States Danube PM costs 2 060 $.
  • In Brazil Danube PM costs 9 650 R$.
  • In Japan Danube PM costs 234 300 ¥.
  • In South Korea Danube PM costs 2 530 000 ₩.
  • In Taiwan (Province of China) Danube PM costs 68 500 NT$.

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